Our Range

Luxury handcrafted preserves made in Scotland.


Balsamic Fig

Our award winning Balsamic Fig.

Figs infused in balsamic vinegar with a hint of orange and cinnamon. Rich and indulgent with a delicate tangy finish, perfect with cheese.

Available all year round.



Cranberry Noir

Cranberries mulled in Pinot Noir red wine with Christmas spices. A richly fruity preserve with a tart kick and a mellow finish of festive spices. Perfect with cheese or a festive roast.

Limited Edition, available in autumn & winter.



Gooseberry Pickle

Scottish Gooseberries pickled in Balsamic Vinegar and infused with spices. A tart and fruity preserve with a warming spiced finish. Perfect with cheese, meats and curries.

Available all year round.



Plum & PX

Ripened plums, matured with Pedro Ximenez Sherry. Dark and intense character of PX sherry with an elegant acidity and fruity finish, perfect with cheese.

Limited Edition, available in summer & autumn.

Kingsgate-PX Jar.jpg


Scottish Raspberry

Scottish raspberries infused with aromatic spices and Madagascan vanilla. A luxurious and decadent sweet preserve with a caramelised spiced finish.

Available all year round.


Scottish Rhubarb

Scottish Rhubarb infused with Oranges and Madagascan Vanilla. A sweet preserve with caramelised Rhubarb and undertones of citrus. A perfect breakfast marmalade.

Available all year round.


Kingsgate-BB Jar.jpg

Scottish Blueberry

Scottish blueberries scented with lemon zest. A fruity preserve with a lively acidity.

Limited Edition, available in spring & summer.